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What is it that lights the fire in you? The thing that tugs on your heart and gets you excited? For me, it is having the opportunity to create something from scratch and seeing the final product.

I started my career in 2003 working on events ranging from concerts, weddings, fundraisers, sporting events, social events, Oscar's parties, celebrity events, you name it. I even owned a successful wedding planning business for 4 years and had the privilege of writing online articles for the one and only 'BRIDES Magazine'.  Unfortunately, I had to make the huge decision of stepping away once I started to have kids because I wasn't finding the balance I needed.

Mama Likes To Party was created as an outlet for me. A way for me to fulfill my creative needs. I still work full time time, but now for an incredible company that provides me with the flexibility to be both a working lady and bad ass mom!

My clients now consist of two little kids who are having the most epic parties ever. I'm here to show you how to celebrate life's celebrations, through blogging, real talk, and planning the ultimate bashes (even if your clients are toddlers!).

Mama Likes to Party is a stepping stone towards a bigger dream. It's my job as mama to lead by example, to show my kids to always reach for the stars and to not only dream, but do.

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Hello! My name is Cristina, creator of 'Mama Likes To Party'.

I was an event planner for twelve years, but chose to step away, because I wasn't finding the balance between mom life and event planner (shout out to those who do!).  Although I am not planning events full time anymore, I am still a working mom, working for an incredible company that provides me with the balance I need. 

Planning parties/ celebrations is in my blood. It's what comes natural to me, making something incredible out of a blank canvas is what I love.

I started this blog as a creative outlet. A way for me to stay connected to the events industry and incorporate my new role as mama. I've been doing some serious soul searching to find what it is in my life that's missing and I realized I wasn't tapping into my creative side. Being original and creative is important to me, so I can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy creating magic from nothing. 

Needless to say my kids are now having the most epic parties ever (even if they're two and younger). I noticed that I was treating my kids' parties as if they were one of my former clients, from custom stationary, badass cakes, custom decor, rentals, etc. I kept wishing my former community could see this awesomeness ,so now that I have 'Mama Likes to Party' I can showcase my work, help inspire other moms, teach you my tips and tricks for party planning, have some mommy real talk moments, and eventually turn this into a bigger project.

I have dreams that I'm not afraid to chase so I appreciate your support as I work my way towards the bigger goal. 

I appreciate you!


(aka... Milk Drunk Mommy)

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