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Happy 2nd Birthday Love Bug!

August 10, 2018

Brooklyn Girl,


It's the Eve of your 2nd birthday and for obvious reasons I am riding the reminiscing train.

Having you as a daughter has been the greatest joy. I knew you'd have a spunky personality when I was pregnant due to all the crazy emotions I was feeling! Oh, and the final two days before you were born were wild. You're daddy and I had a false alarm with you, but my body knew you were on your way regardless of what the doctor said. 

 It was SO hot the day before you arrived, but daddy, nana, and myself were on a mission. We literally ran around a lake (Yes, 9 months pregnant!) and after that we went and ate all you can eat spicy buffalo wings with about 2 huge glasses of pineapple juice, haha. I think that night I even took a bath with epsom salt... I dunno, I read it online, haha.


The next morning I decided to work and take video conference meetings all day. I was literally tracking my contractions during meetings watching them get closer and closer. People in my meetings would ask, "What are you at now?", too funny. It wasn't until my final meeting of the day when Jena and I were meeting and my contractions were finally consistently 2 minutes apart. I had to politely interrupt our meeting and say , "I gotta go, it's time", haha. Leave it to your mama to work until the very last second.


Daddy and I got to the hospital, but not before driving through Arby's on our way! (Hey, your brother took 62 hours to arrive so we weren't chancing it, lol). When we got to the hospital the doctor said I still wasn't dilated enough and wanted to send us home again. I told her no, I knew you were coming. Daddy and I walked the hospital floor for a couple hours and sure enough I was dilated and ready to go. Girl, let me tell you..... You were not wasting any time. I got my epidural and the doctor said,  "okay, get some rest we will check on you in a couple hours". Not even 10 minutes later, I tell daddy I felt a lot of pressure down there and sure enough your head was making an appearance. (Sorry if this is to much info). Needless to say, you basically fell out of me you came SO dang fast!


I'm not sure why I feel the need to tell you this story, I'm sure by the time you could read this I've probably already told you bits and pieces. The point is baby girl, you came into this World on your own terms, you told us how this was going to go, and all while filling our hearts with pure joy and love. You my sweet girl are going to be a strong woman and I am already so proud of the person you are at just age two. 



 I love your sass, I love your voice, I love your personality, and I love your spunk. Daddy and I are your biggest fans, today, tomorrow, and forever. We love you, Happy 2nd Birthday!




Mommy and Daddy




 (This picture will NEVER get old! haha)








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