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A princess dress that turned into something so much more!

October 22, 2018

Hellooooo, everyone! So if you follow me on social media you know about the Elsa costume I made for my daughter, but what you might not know is that this was the first time I ever sewed!!!


Brooklyn is absolutely in love with Elsa from the movie 'Frozen', so I thought perfect, lets go buy this girl an Elsa costume for Halloween! We'll....... It turns out toddler costumes are still about $30 and the material used is probably good for one time use with a wild two year old. It was that very moment as I stared at that $30 package on the shelf that I decided, "I could make this". Without having any clue what I was doing or how to sew I walked right into a fabric store and bought every piece of fabric I felt was pretty, colorful, and was quality (basically anything that looked like Elsa).

 As I checked out I told the girl what I was up to and her advice was I buy and existing costume and enhance it. Needless to say she had little faith I could do this since I'd never sewn a day in my life. I told her I was up for the challenge and my oh my I am so happy I stuck to my guns and tried.


So I already owned a sewing machine (that had never been opened) and thread that my mother in law had given me so I figured I was half way there, but what was that pattern thing I saw in the store? Did I need it? should I buy it? okay, I'll just get that too. When I opened this pattern I was a deer in head lights and actually laughed at myself. I started talking to my grandma who has passed and basically told her I needed her presence so I could channel her (She was an incredible seamstress!). I started cutting patterns hoping for the best realizing I may be on to something and joke's on the lady at the fabric store!



 I cut and cut and cut until I had all my pieces of fabric to sew together. As far as I was concerned, I had this, no problem, LOL. We'll... then I remembered I had no clue how to sew or work my sewing machine (insert emoji with hands in air). No problem, in today's day in age You Tube was going to teach me! I typed in the exact name of my machine and found a video on how to use my machine. I followed her lead step by step (it was a 10 minute video) and basically taught myself from watching her. Okay, cool... So now my fabric is cut and I watched a you tube video, I'm so ready for this!

 (If you look closely, those are cooking shears, haha)


Anyways, I put on some podcasts on how to be a badass leader and got after it while my kids took a nap.


I really wanted to give this a shot because I wanted to challenge myself. I could have easily bought a costume, but I really wanted to make something special for my little girl. I wanted her to feel like a princess and just like her I wanted to create something original with personality. 




As I started to make progress with this dress it became something real to me and not just a challenge for myself. You see my Grandma Isa and I were very close and I still miss her so much. For the first time in a long time I felt her. I know she was with me as I learned how to sew to create this beautiful dress.


I was also reminded about something else during this process. I was reminded to always try, don't assume you can't do something, be confident, and always believe in yourself. I literally cracked jokes about myself and making this dress, but now that it's done I realize the joke was on me and not the lady at the fabric store. I truly had it in me this whole time. I too can create beauty through sewing and at 35 I can still learn new things. Lucky for my husband and kids I'm probably going to sew everything now, LUCKY THEM! haha


Ladies and gentleman I'M PROUD to show you my first ever sewing project. My version of Elsa! (I'm pretty much going to start a couture line of toddler dresses from here on out, lol)




 So in the words of Elsa... "Let it Go" and give it a shot, you might actually be good at it!

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