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When your health is being tested...

These last 8 months I’ve been dealing with health issues that we haven’t been able to figure out. It wasn’t until a recent business trip a month ago that it became debilitating and I almost couldn’t leave my hotel room. If I didn’t have to give a presentation in front of 200 RSVP's than I most likely would have stayed put, but I knew I had to try to pull it together.

 (Speaking on personal branding and praying not to faint)


The pain in my head was so severe that my jaw was throbbing from the pressure. I was dry heaving all day and had to take long breaks sitting because every time I stood up I was about to black out. It was after this 3-day trip I knew I needed help. As soon as my plane landed back in San Diego I went straight to urgent care and they ordered me a CT scan for my brain. Fortunately they didn’t find any abnormalities, however, the pain still existed so they decided to treat me with what was 15 pills a day for two weeks. I’m talking antibiotics, steroids, preventive pills, etc. I literally had no diagnosis yet and was taking 15 pills a day! Well those 15 pills end up giving me other infections and started to affect the vision in my left eye, so I was basically a mess at this point. (Picture below is the 10 I took in the morning and then I had to take 5 at night)



That’s when my guardian angel, nutritionist, neighbor, Diana came in. She had already been advising me months prior, however, now was when I was really listening and ready to make the necessary changes in my life because I was desperate. I’ll talk about these changes in a bit!


We’ve made changes to our lifestyle that have been helpful, however, I still have pain, just not as frequent and intense. Last Friday I had to go in for an MRI because the doctors feared they might be missing something that a CT scan wouldn’t have seen because there was jaw pain involved.  I had known for about a week I was going to have this MRI and it was terrifying because I knew this was the last step with looking at my brain and it could only go two ways.


I had already been on a soul-searching mission but being in a position where your doctor is talking about your brain and the possibilities is scary. I was hopeful, but in these times, you can’t help but think. You think about your life, the person you’ve become, the people in your life, who matters, what matters, what doesn’t matter,  etc.  My MRI was 30 minutes and while I laid there with a towel over my eyes (so I didn’t freak out), I let myself rest. I was shockingly relaxed and at peace feeling ready for whatever the outcome may be. Fortunately, my MRI did not show any tumors, small masses, etc. We still have no answers for this 8-month struggle, however, there has been something helping me and that’s the nutrition and positive energy I’ve brought into my life and home.


Diana is my fabulous neighbor who has been a coach for me. She has been teaching me about nutrition and to look at food as if I’m feeding my body and soul. Deep, I know!  In all seriousness, she has taught me how important organic food is, how to eat food and when to eat it, what foods to bring into my diet and what to eliminate, and how to live a relaxed and peaceful life. How I ended up with a neighbor who is a certified nutritionist during a time like this is beyond me. Maybe God knew I’d need a little support, I don’t know!

 (Living that smoothie life!)


Since eating all organic and practicing a paleo mentality I’ve seen major changes in my pain. It’s not as intense or frequent and I haven’t had to take daily pills for it, which is shocking. I’ve also incorporated oils into our daily living which I also contribute to this new-found lifestyle. Whether it’s wearing certain oils or diffusing, our home feels free, energized, and relaxing.

I even went as far as getting rid of every candle in our home that wasn’t toxin free, our home is safe of chemicals and it feels good. In addition to our nutrition, oils, clean candles, we ripped the carpet out of our home and added wood floors so that everything was more natural and cleaner, and it has made a HUGE difference.


It doesn’t hurt that we also bought a ton of indoor plants from my friend Stephanie’s shop ‘Eden’ in University Heights. I was looking for more alternatives to cleanse our home environment and apparently plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide so not only do plants freshen the environment they help eliminate harmful toxins. I know, I sound like a crazy hippy, but these changes are helping me! 


I’m in no way against western medicine, for goodness sake both my husband and I work in healthcare! Sometimes though when you’re not getting answers it’s important to look at your life and environment to see what could be triggering your stress or health. In my case, I have no clue what’s triggering my health, but what I do know is that living a clean, organic, stress free life is helping me. When you feel as awful as I have felt for 8 months you’ll do whatever you can to feel better and well if being a new-found hippy is what I am then sign me up!

I did want to send a huge thank you to Diana from Purely Grounded Nutrition for guiding me, answering my late texts asking for help, being incredibly supportive, but for also showing me how to treat my body. Diana, you are gifted with this and an expert with nutrition. Friends, I encourage you to reach out to Diana for a consultation if you’re finding yourself in a similar boat or just want to learn about feeding our bodies the proper nutrition. Food really is the best medicine, it just needs to be the right food!

 I reached out to Diana to contribute to my blog post, but after last weeks scare the post took a different angle so instead I asked her to share a healthy recipe with us. A recipe that feeds our soul, tastes yummy, and one our body will thank us for!And for obvious reasons with St. Patrick’s Day this week we chose a festive recipe to share with all of you!











 (Please tell me you see what she did here with her staging, a rainbow with a pot of gold... So artsy!)


Purely Grounded Nutrition Advice/Recipe:


Tip: Key components to making a complete smoothie, including: veggies, healthy fat, protein.


When we eat balanced meals including healthy, veggie carbs & protein we are more likely to stay full for longer and less likely to find ourselves snacking in between meals. Complete meals that satisfy our hunger, keep our metabolism roaring, and help us battle sugar addiction.




This smoothie is quick and easy to make!



- 1 c unsweetened almond milk

- 1 tbsp almond butter (healthy fat)

- 1/2 frozen banana

- 1 handful of spinach (veggies)

- 2 scoops Vital Proteins collagen powder (protein)

- 1 tsp Vitamineral Green powder (veggies + protein)

- 2 dates, few ice cubs

- Blend + enjoy!


~ 22 grams of protein in this glass.


For more recipes follow Diana on Instagram and facebook!



Diana Rogers


Instagram: @purely_grounded_nutrition

Facebook: Purely Grounded Nutrition & Birth Doula Services


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