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Cake Smash for an Urban Girl, Brooklyn's 1st Birthday!

August 12, 2017

 My baby girl turned one and we celebrated her in true style!


 Not only did she have a killer first birthday party ( which I'll post about later), we had an urban Brooklyn, NY themed photoshoot for her... I mean c'mon, how could we not embrace New York, we named our child after a city there!

 When Adam and I found out we were having a little girl we had two names in mind. One was my grandma's name, Isabel (who absolutely meant the World to me) and the other was Brooklyn (because of our LOVE for NYC). We waited to choose her name until she arrived to see which name fit her and after 10 hours Brooklyn it was (Isabel is now her middle name). 

 Brooklyn is our little fire cracker, she is an absolute bundle of joy. We knew with her birthday we needed to celebrate her in a way that best described her personality thus far. That's when we thought, "let's do a Brooklyn, New York  themed shoot". Adam and I worked hard on orchestrating this vision, from the hand painted graffiti walls (that we did after studying 'how to graffiti on you tube!') to the outfits and streamers. No detail was forgotten (minus the incredible balloon I spent a ton of money on that blew away before we could take a photo, UGH!).

 As a former event planner I'm all about the details so obviously I'm going to tap into every outrageous idea I have........ such as turning my daughter into a mini 'Notorious B.I.G', I mean... Hello, Biggy Smalls was from Brooklyn!!!!

 Have you EVER seen a cuter Biggy?! (Probably not!)

 Adam and I spray painted these walls ourselves. Granted I was in ASB and class council in high school so I did come to the drawing board with street cred in 'bubble letters', hahaha. Adam though did not come from ASB and free hand his board, TALENT my people the man has TALENT!


(Colt was feeling inspired and had to get in on this)

 We had a blast designing this shoot and thanks to Home Depot and a great vision we were able to pull it off. We brought urban New York to our backyard in San Diego.


If you have a vision make it come to life. Whether it's a dream, an artistic piece, or in our case a graffiti wall. It's important to tap into your creative side so throw on some gold chains, a black tutu, and a jean head band and say, "I am Biggy Smalls!". 

 Some people think this is crazy and a lot of work for just a couple hours, but do you know what I call this? I call this making memories. These are the moments, the moments I never want to forget and if we can have fun while doing so, than sign me up!

 I'm so thankful to have a husband that supports my crazy ideas (although I think he secretly loves this). Surround yourself with people who make you smile, people who make you laugh, and overall people who make you a better person!


Thank you, Shiloh Colleen Photography for capturing these moments!






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