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Welcome to Mama Likes To Party! (First Post EVER)

July 9, 2017

Hey there and welcome to my blog (Yes, another mom blog!). My name is Cristina and I live in San Diego with my cute little family and hottie husband. I'm a working mom (outside of this blog), because I'm driven, always look for ways to grow, and being a hard worker is just who I am. Although I work full-time I was still looking for another way to tap into my creative side and share my passion for creating fun parties for my family and friends. I am a former event planner of 12 years as well as the owner of what was Bridal Stop & Events located in both San Diego and San Francisco Bay Area. So I do have some street cred and know what I'm talking about, haha!




I hope you follow me on this journey and find some inspiration. I plan on sharing parties I'm working on, Mommy real talk!, tips and tricks, and whatever else I feel is relevant!


Fun facts about me:


- Every Friday I go to the beach and eat a burrito/ mexican food with my children... Burrito Friday! (Try it, it's basically the best tradition)


-I can cross my eyes so one looks forward and the other looks to the side


- I once saw Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC and had a total Sex in the City Moment... I lost my mind


-I married the man I was checking out at a restaurant (score!)


-My first concert was Boys II Men (I'll make love to you.....Yes I sang that as a 4th grader)


-I believe we all have a purpose and that our path has been mapped out for us. It's up to us to knock on all the doors and see which ones open.


-I worked with Make A Wish Foundation Greater Bay Area and designed insanely amazing parties for their wish kids. BEST JOB EVER!!!!!


-I've ran 6 half marathons


-My husband and I agree I have the better personality, LOL


 (Clearly this is an oldie but goody!)



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